Reisejournalismus Edinburgh: Deep-fried Mars Bar
  Die ausgewählten Kursteilnehmer verfassen ein Reisemagazin über Edinburgh, und dazu muss die Stadt natürlich erlebt werden. Dabei stehen der Gruppe erfahrene schottische Journalisten, Layouter, Projektmanager bei Workshops und begleiteter Recherche zur Seite. Ein Korrekturleser überprüft, dass die Artikel stilsicher sind.

You’re watching your weight?
Then please skip this article, otherwise I can’t guarantee any­thing…You really have to wonder whether they mean that seri­ously: deep-fried, I repeat, DEEP-FRIED chocolate? That sounds totally weird! But what can I say, I tried it.
And I am glad to share this experience with you now (just in advance: it would not surprise me if there were some grease marks even on this page). But let’s start from the beginning.

The first deep-fried Mars bar was allegedly made in a pub near Aberdeen in 1995. Today, they are sold in a lot of Fish-and-Chips stalls in Edinburgh, too. Just like the shop in 106A Rose Street, where I want to try my luck. Bravely, I open the door and enter the small and stuffy room. Inside there is this typical smell of chip fat and fish but I can’t smell any chocolate. Skeptical as I am, I ask the seller how many people normally buy a deep-fried Mars bar on one day. His brief answer: «A lot of people.» I ask further: «Only tourists or locals as well?» He replies curtly: «A lot of tourists and a lot of locals, because it is so deli­cious.» I don’t know why, but I can’t get the thought out of my mind that he just says this, so that I will order one at last… But okay, con­vinced, I buy a deep-fried Mars bar for £2. After wait­ing for three minutes I get a quite unappetizing look­ing thing in a small plastic box. Let’s hope it tastes bet­ter than it looks! And yes, it does. To be precise, it is not exquisitely tasty but I have eaten worse things. In fact, the melted chocolate in the middle is good but the smell and taste of the deep-fried crust reminds me of chips. That does not fit with a sweet! After eating one half of the bar I’m fed up with it. Water! I need water! It feels as if I couldn’t eat more food today or even tomor­row. So if you really want to stuff yourself, the deep-fried Mars bar will be a good choice.

To sum up: Don’t be afraid of eating a deep-fried Mars bar. It tastes strange but not disgusting. In addition to that, it would be good if you have a drink with it. And please remember that a deep-fried Mars bar is not a good dish for every day! To be honest, I won’t have an­other one. But tastes differ, so try it yourself!
A self-experiment by Nina Schirmer

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