Imagine a modern graduation ceremony, when the students thrust their mortarboards into the air in a moment of cheer. Turn those hats into the little green complimentary cushions you receive on entering Les Théâtres Romains de Fourvière

, the oldest Roman Amphitheatre in France, and you might be able to imagine the scene at the end of a stirring concert on a warm summer’s eve. Emerald squares litter the sky, thrown by the two thousand strong audience in a spectacle that we were told has become an unofficial tradition of Les Nuits de Fourvière.

Sitting atop the two thousand year old steps overlooking the night lights of Lyon, you can’t help but be taken over by a swell of majesty. If you listen hard enough you can hear your own voice disappear amongst the million whispered memories held in the stones. You become overwhelmed with a sense of your own insignificance when you take in the crowd and ponder how many others have sat here before you to share in the artistically holy feat. You’re a drop in the giant ocean of people this ancient place has seen. But being able to cause a cushion riot, plants your feet firmly back in the 21st century.
Practical Information: Les Nuits de Fourvière 5 June-31 July, Tickets purchased from any FNAC store

A Roman Riot
Les Théâtres Romains de Fourvière
6 Rue de l’Antiquaille 69005 Lyon

Team Curso/CTR Lyon

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