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  A visit to Edinburgh, inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995, would not be complete if you have not actively visi­ted, experienced and absorbed the treasure...chest of historic gems with all your senses that are at your disposal: the Edinburgh Royal Mile.

Yes...although we would like to provide you with the most alternative and anti-touristy tips and places Edinburgh has to offer, we also feel the need to offer you the chance to experience Edinburgh´s historic Old Town, and with it its indispensable touristy attrac­tions.

You might want to be aware of the fact that today surely everyone will notice that you are a tourist, which is no shame at all. Not that surprising that most of the people you are going to see on your route today are tourists, too. So there is no need to hide...today is YOUR day to free the tourist in you...YOUR day to explore one souvenirshop after the other and YOUR day to stunningly stop and stare with your head thrown back so to see this impressive building in front of you.

To start this extraordinary day you climb up the four floors of the Scott´s Monument, which is situated in the heart of Princes Street. Hopefully it is a sunny day so that you have a clear overallview of Edinburgh in its full pride...the Monument´s four different viewpoints serve you with exclusive and accurate windy views to the North Sea, up Princes Street, down Princes Street with Carlton Hill & the Balmoral Hotel´s Big Ben...like clock in the background, and of course an excellent view of the Old Town and its Castle.

Due to the fact that there are two other excellent viewpoints like Carlton Hill and Arthur´s Seat...which are, by the way, for free...you might not want to spend £3 on Scott´s Monument. Nevertheless it is higly recommen­ded, unless you are either afraid of heights, fat or claustrophobic. However, if you like cosy, dark spiral stair cases that lead you up the way...and force you to squeeze yourself past the descending strangers...it is worth the unique view.

After getting the first impression of the day from above you need to head to the Royal Mile – approximately a mile long, partly still pretty royal and the one and only pedestrian zone in Edinburgh. For those of you who are into tartans, scottish scarves, Kilts, Shortbread or other Scottish specialities - used by tourist as souvenirs for the loved ones who stayed at home: this is paradise - including high class cashmere shops as well as affordable shops to buy ordinary touristy things.

For the rest of you it might be satisfying enough to go in one of the stores, guess about the other´s supply and move on to fulfill their task as a proper tourist. Therefore you pass the Heart of Midlothian to your left, right in front of the Church and spit right in the middle of it. Indeed, this probably is the only place in Scotland where you are asked to spit in public.

Afterwards the next attraction waits just around the corner – a donkey riding a horse – actually this is the statue of an admiral, but unfortunately there were made some architectical mistakes in the past so that it now looks a bit displaced and is banished inbetween lots of parking spots.

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