Feature: The Fast Food Scene
Feature: Fast Food Scene
  For a city to be praised as truly cosmopolitan it needs to offer a good range of fast food options. The wider, the better. When your stomach is rumbling you don’t want to waste your time fighting for a table in a fancy restaurant.

Sometimes eating greasy food on the grass of an urban park or the front steps of a magnificent cathedral can’t compare. If you are a fan of fast food, welcome to Berlin. Here, streets are simply bursting with exotic colours, flavours, textures and aromas: Currywursts, Bratwursts, Falafels, Kebabs, Köftes, Boulettes, Burritos… With this infinite variety, you needn’t other with McDonald’s!

Let’s start this worldwide trip in Mexico. Their famous burrito has become the apple of the Berliners’ eye. Even vegans needn’t worry; many establishments offer burritos with the eco-seal. The more adventurous can take a chance and try the spicy enchiladas and jalapeños, two classics assembled with chilli powder, paprika and crushed red pepper. Simply crowd-pleasers! If you are a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, Berlin is perfect for you. Don’t leave the city without tasting the super popular doner kebab or an authentic falafel wrapped in crusty pita: the perfect takeaways after a night out. The springy Turkish Köfte (a grilled meat patty) is rapidly gaining popularity. Vegetarian options are also available, such as the Red Lentil Köfte with Tomato and Cucumber Salad.
Food trends may come and go, but the German Currywurst and Bratwurst are Berlin’s culinary stars, with sensationally low prices. Make a stop-off at one of the million small stalls scattered over the city, and try these delicious snacks, traditionally served on a cardboard paper. You won’t believe how good they taste. The Currywurst, a sliced pork sausage, is usually served with potato chips and generous amounts of curry powder, whereas the Bratwurst normally comes grilled and with or in a brötchen (a white bread roll). In the land of the wurst you can also eat the impressive boulettes: fried meatballs made from beef and served with mustard, pickled eggs and gherkins. A large glass of cold beer will be the perfect company!
When it comes to the most important part of the meal—the dessert—Berlin won’t let you down. Its streets are teeming with classic ice-cream kiosks, among others. Erdbeersorbet (Strawberry Sorbet), Banane-Walnuss (Banana Walnut), Zitronenlimonade (Lemon Juice), Toffee (Caramel), Schokokaffee (Chocolate Chip Coffee). The perfect scoop to cool off between monuments and stores. Every now and then you will also bump into street vendors offering crepes and waffles at very affordable prices. Pay a bit extra and upgrade them with the beloved Nutella or the classic cinnamon. Berlin’s fast food scene is infinite and abundant with something for every palate.

“Currywursts, Kebabs, Boulettes, Burritos”

Team Curso/CTR Berlin
Paloma González Llorente

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