Praktikumsprogramm Deutsch Reisejournalismus in Berlin

Praktikum Deutsch Reisejournalismus in Berlin
  Neben dem Deutsch Sprachkurs schreiben, layouten die Teilnehmer unter Anleitung von Journalisten, Layoutern und Projektmanagern aus Berlin, einen Reiseführer, verbessern ihre Deutschkenntnisse und üben sich in interkultureller Kommunikation. Zusammenarbeit mit den Berliner Journalisten in Meetings und Workshops.
Get your passport ready - we are off to Berlin! Every Autumn, Spring and Summer there is an incredible opportunity to join one of our groups in the city of style and attitude…BERLIN. The programme incorporates German language training classes at our base camp in Berlin. Whether brushing up on your German language that you've already acquired, or learning the basics from scratch, this is the sure fire way to get to grips with Germany, the culture and find that German humour does in fact exist. Project members work together within a team on a creative travel research project. This year’s Project members will be designing and creating a tourist guide aimed at students and young people coming to Berlin.
Project members experience first hand all the entertainment the city has to offer visitors, such as museums, parks, city beaches, bars, clubs and magnificent buildings and history. Project members conduct interviews, write reviews on entertainment, up and coming areas and must dos when one visits the capital. Reviews compiled, the group is then responsible for the design, photography, graphics and layout of the booklet. The guide, for us as an independent company is non profit making although Project members gain full copy rights and have sold copies in the past and continue to do so. We make samples available to the public audience...[information pack]
The facts:
. pickup and dropoff arrival and departures
. typical accommodation comprises of fully furnished shared accommodation incl. basic break-
fast items for two weeks
. language classes with qualified professional teaching staff in a lovely environment
. organised team working project along with workshops with freelance Journalists, Layouter
. activities, company visits, events and excursions
. personalised references upon completion
. qualified proofreading service provided if necessary

Travel Guide aus Berlin

Praktikum Deutsch Reisejournalismus in Berlin
  In the early hours of the morning I found myself walking through the streets in the heart of Berlin with no clue where I was heading. Next to me are my two new found friends I met just some hours before. This was only the first day of my study work gap and it was the beginning of a great adventure that I will never forget.
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Zielort: Edinburgh
Dauer: 3 bis 4 Wochen
Unterkunftsart: Apartment
Workshops: werktags
Projekte: Reiseguide
Startdatum: 05. September 2019
Alter: 18 bis 30 Jahre
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